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 Partner organisations

Overall, CRT Côte d’Azur’s work is based on a partnership
logic and it provides a coherent synergy and networking
solution for the Alpes-Maritimes’ tourist areas and sectors.

CRT Côte d'Azur's 
A territorial marketing mission

The CRT Côte d’Azur project manages the territorial
marketing of the French Riviera. Its mission is to forge operational links between the French Riviera and foreign markets by levering its prime relay network of Atout France offices across the world.

The CRT supports the promotion, communication and precommunication of all of the destination’s features to the French market and the main foreign tourist markets in a marketing strategy specialised by target: "B to B”marketing, “B to C” marketing, “B to B to C” marketing and “themed” marketing.

The CRT has placed the Internet at the heart of the French
Riviera’s marketing strategy. It has introduced a new
destination trademark boosted by the July 2009 launch of
the new®portal, an e-marketing tool promoting destination communication and promotion. 

Its initiatives are founded on its perfect knowledge of the
French Riviera tourist offer and the market which makes it
possible to implement targeted measures: traditional
promotional campaigns, targeted e-marketing campaigns, media and press actions, specialised public relations…

The Convention Bureau Riviera Côte d’Azur acts as the territorial marketing arm of the CRT. It is totally dedicated to business tourism and congresses. It is the first regional Convention bureau in France to date. A true facilitator, the Convention Bureau acts as a single point of contact for all events organisations and provides an interface with the French Riviera tourist industry and institutional players. It works in four segments of the business tourism industry: corporate events, professional trade shows, association congresses and incentives.
 A tourist engineering mission

The CRT Côte d’Azur adheres to the guidelines defined by the Conseil Régional PACA and the Conseil général des Alpes-Maritimes. It is a prominent player in the territory’s tourism development strategy.

It provides an engineering consulting and assistance role vis-à-vis its partners. To promote the tourist marketing mix and participate in its qualification the CRT implements global and segment (setting up themed clubs…).

CeThis work is based on expert report, innovation, quality operations and by assisting market launches of products and structures. Labelling, accessibility for all, sustainable tourismalso benefit from CRTsupport in terms of qualifying products, professionals and territories.

An observation & monitoring mission

The Observatoire du Tourisme des Alpes-Maritimes is a
recognised member of the OMT. It is a privileged partner for a range of national agencies (ONT, INSEE…). It acts as a veritable barometer of tourist trade on the French Riviera through its role as a statistical information processing systemand a strategic monitoring tool.

Its mission is to construct a methodological framework to
measure the local tourist economy. It also produces KPI and marketing data tables indispensable to an operational approach to the different French Riviera markets.




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