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Baie de Cannes

As far as fireworks are concerned, Cannes blazed the trail. As early as 1967, the town went much further than the traditional firework display: it organised a huge pyromusical contest of fireworks set to music. For the first time, firework specialists had to marry melodies with colours. The results were very striking and impressed the audience. In 1998, a further step forward was taken with the "Festival Pyrotechnique de Cannes".

Firework displays now reach the highest heights of sophistication ? which is only to be expected, as they are designed by the greatest specialists in the world. They do their very best to enchant 200,000 spectators with their bombs, candles and comets on each of the six evenings...

Each year, a trophy - the Silver Vestal - is awarded to the best show in the contest. Inspired by Vesta, the sister of Zeus and goddess of fire, it is one of the major trophies in the profession but is above all a passport to the Golden Vestal, the supreme trophy, awarded every five years during an elite contest between the winners of the five previous festivals.

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